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Reliable, friendly after
hours computer help.

Get A Geek prides itself on providing old fashioned customer service. We're knowledgeable, patient, love to teach, and transparent with all our work.

Virus & Malware Issues

Computer Setup

Networking Devices

Computer Maintenance

Website Design

Smart Phone Help

Smart TV Help

Software Education

Print Design

Plus much more!

Home Visit

We come to you! Book one of our friendly techs to assist you one on one. Don't forget to boil the kettle!

Remote Assistance

Let us help you fast without the need to visit! We can solve your issues remotely using the latest secure remote support apps.

Website Design

Having a website for your business is crucial for allowing customers to find you!

Feel confident in
our digital world.

Our services are tailored towards busy professionals, mature aged customers, and anyone who feels daunted by technology.

Latest tech tips and news

  •   In this article we will discuss the features of the Windows Defender program that comes with Windows 10 by default, and if it actually provides adequate enough protection for your computer or not. Unlike with previous Windows 7, you are

  • We recently replaced a customer's laptop hard drive. Not all laptops use standard 3.5 or 2.5 inch drives! This Acer laptop uses a tiny mSata 128GB, which had failed, but we were able to recover all of the customer's data. If

  • Many of us overlook that our devices save passwords, which means we aren’t always typing them in. It might be very convenient, but when it comes time to login on that new device, you may find yourself scratching your head

  • If Get A Geek provides you with an Office 365 Exchange account, please use these instructions to add them to your iOS device. Step 1 – Open the SETTINGS app on your device.   Step 2 – Scroll down to “Accounts and Passwords”   Step


A huge relief to have a company you can call on and trust. Very professional and open to helping with even the smallest of problems. Takes the stress out of issues with our computers.

Regular customer

Very professional service. They remotely accessed my computer to fix software installing issues I was having. Would highly recommend

Regular customer