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Tech help during health epidemic

Working from home? Need remote or onsite assistance?

The current COVID-19 health epidemic means more people are required to utilise home office scenarios. This brings it's own challenges if your home IT requirements may not be up to scratch!

Get a Geek will be able to ensure your home tech issues are resolved quickly, either from the safely from remote support sessions, or onsite whilst taking into consideration government requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get help remotely?

We use a simple one-time-use software that you download on your computer whilst talking to us on the phone. This when allows one of our techs to temporarily see and control your screen, so we can see all your issues and fix them as if we were sitting on front of your computer.

Is remote support safe?

Yes! Our techs usually remain on the phone with you whilst we remotely access your computer, and you have full control to cancel the remote support session at any time. The app itself is a one-time-use app only, meaning the credentials used for us to log in to your computer change after every session.

I'd rather have someone onsite but I'm worried about COVID-19

If an onsite visit is required, we take every precuation to ensure your health, and our health during COVID-19 epidemic is not compromised. We have recently completed the Australian Governments Infenction Control Training, and ensure all of our equipment is sanitised and minimum space between persons is adhered to.

We can solve most issues.

Nothing is too hard for our experienced team!

Virus & Malware Issues

Computer Slowness

New Computer Builds

Smart Phone Help

Transferring Files

Network Issues

PC and Program Updates

Printer Troubles

Smart TV Help

Backup Important Data

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